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"Painting and art creation for me is about the process and how the viewer interacts with the finished piece."

-Kylie Proudfoot-Payne


Images from  "Views of the mountain" 2019 & a live painting project


Kylie captures color throughout the hills and hollows of
West Virginia. Seeking the moments of light and dark in the forest and rivers has been and continues to be her life long challenge.

February 2020


As a teaching artist,    Kylie focuses on a balance between exploration and building a foundation of the participants creative skills.

Water within the landscape continues to be particularly interesting as clouds, mist, and the reflection of light on the surfaces of rivers and lakes are ever changing. The process of painting color is the way that I explore the world and how I communicate my experience and share it with the viewer.

-Kylie Proudfoot-Payne


Images from  Portal Painting Project 2022

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