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Drawn to Hold


Bringing your Child's Imagination to Life


A Child's Drawing

You send us a child's artwork,

then we will send you a custom quote and preliminary timeline for completion.


Sewn into a 3D form

If you approve of the quote and pay the deposit we will begin production and send you a confirmation email.


Sent to them to Hold

Once completed we will send you an image of the completed "stuffy" and invoice for the remaining balance.

Once paid we will ship the stuffy!


Fabric Forms from
Children's Drawings

Sculpting fabric since March of 2012, Kylie enjoys collaborating with young artists to transform their two-dimensional drawings into three-dimensional forms called "stuffies."


As a reminder- These are 100% customizable collaborations between child and fabric artist, Kylie, and it takes time to complete the artistic process. If you would like an update on your order, send an email and we will get back to you within 48 hours.


Whether it be animal, car, tree, boat, princess, dragon, or blob, Kylie will do her best to bring your young artists vision into being.

How to Order

If interested in purchasing your own customized fabric sculpture, aka Stuffy. Complete the Form below and we will send you a quote. Because these are custom sculptures they average between $100 and $150 depending on the amount of detail required to recreate the inspiration image. If you agree to the quote then you can pay a deposit amount of 50% of the quoted price. We will then send a confirmation email and begin production of your order.

Completion of orders typically take 2 weeks and Kylie completes a limited number of "Stuffies" within the year.



Stuffies tend to come to life as 12" to 18" tall forms created from antipill polyester fleece with polyester fiber fill. Armature wire, plastic joint connectors, and embroidery is sometimes utilized. 

Payment is made via Paypal or Venmo.

We do not replicate or sew copyrighted drawings although we know that young artists do tend to draw inspiration from the world they experience. We prefer to sew ideas from the depths of children's imaginations.

Adult drawings and adult inspired drawings are not our expertise. We prefer to work with child inspired drawings.

Fabric Sculptures take time to create. Production and wait times can be lengthy if orders have already been filled. A notice at the top of this page will be posted if Kylie is not accepting orders.

These are created in a clean, pet-friendly home. If you have severe allergies to cat or dog dander and think this may effect you please let us know to create a product that can be easily washed. D2H Fabric Sculptures are custom creations that can be very detailed.

Get Inspired

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